Why companies work with us.

Why companies work with us.

Companies today are face increasing pressures resulting from demographic shifts, productivity demands, and changing global business requirements.

Many of these organizations are addressing these pressures by investing in their people, deploying and redeploying their resources, expanding their markets and reducing their costs. But in doing so, they frequently find themselves confronted with challenges and obstacles to reaching these objectives, including the challenges of engaging and retaining talent, developing their leadership bench strength, providing career transition support for employees and helping their managers become effective, proactive coach-leaders.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a process that facilitates learning that can lead to behavioral change and provides coachees with the tools and knowledge to become more effective leaders in their work environments. It involves observation of specific patterns of behavior, giving feedback and developing an action plan to achieve and sustain positive behavior change.

OCM | LHH offers a range of executive coaching programs to help senior, mid- and entry-level executives, managers and other professionals to develop and sustain optimal performance levels. Our team of experienced coaches include industry leaders who have pursued extensive training and credentialing in the proven methodology of coaching. They provide confidential one-on-one coaching sessions designed to enhance coachees' performance improvement or growth in key skill areas, thereby increasing their value to themselves and to the organization. Our coaches are also equipped to administer 360 assessments that provide a complete picture of a leader's current performance level, and deep understanding of strengths, gaps and blind spots.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses:

• Identifying desired outcomes
.  Our coaches help clarify goals and specific results to be achieved.

Gathering relevant information.  This included leadership behavior and potential, communication style, work/life values and ambitions, team leadership.  This data can be gathered using methods including 360 feedback, interviews, and onsite observation.

Creating and implementing a strategy. Our coaches assist in developing a personal action plan, measuring progress, and clarifying next steps.

Evaluating results.  This ensures that key learning can be quantified and replicated for continuous improvement.

"A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention" - as stated by the American University Washington D.C. Read the full article here.
Increase in Individual Performance
• Goal Attainment
• Clearer Communication
• Higher Satisfaction
Increase in Team Performance
• Better Conversations
• Improved Collaboration
• Enhanced Work Performance
Increase in Organizational Performance
• Increase in Revenue
• Increase in Employee Retention
• Customers as Advocates
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Separation Planning

Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical to ensure an organization’s future success. OCM | LHH has the tools, technology and expertise to help you with Our succession planning coaching services can be highly beneficial for both individuals and organizations by helping current leaders to identify successors.

We can also support current leaders in selection and onboarding skills, as well as coaching and consulting with successors on how to step successfully into new roles and challenges.  By helping current and future leaders to develop the confidence and resilience needed to face inevitable hurdles and challenges, we support and ensure smooth organizational transitions.

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Change Management

Change Management

Our change management programs are designed to promote the successful implementation of organizational change. By providing personalized coaching and consulting services to promote strategy development and address concerns, we can help organizations foster positive mindsets toward transition and equip their employees with the skills to adapt effectively.

Our programs help organizations to:
• Align expectations
• Assist individuals in embracing and accepting change in their current business environments
• Integrate teams
• Ensure resilience and workforce productivity
• Retain your critical talent during times of change

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The return on our relationships.

Some of the advantages that our clients tell us they received through their OCM | LHH relationship include unparalleled and innovative approaches to managing the entire employee lifecycle, customized solutions that are specifically tailored to client requirements, and an ongoing commitment to make it our priority to know our client’s business.

Our Corporate Services include:
• Succession Planning
• Change Management
• Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

The return on our relationships.

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